Current Series

Here is a gallery of all the paintings part of the series Story in a Moment “.

Click on the pictures to see the full painting, its description, and learn more about each subject and their short stories.

Gabrielle Labrie

Title: Gabrielle Labrie Dimensions 18” x 12” 2016, Oil on wood panel The story: meet gabrielle labrie I was named after both my grandmother and godmother: Gabrielle and Madeleine. This is my maternal grandmother, Gabrielle Labrie, an incredible woman who lived up to 100 years old. Little did I know when I captured this moment […]

Cigarette break on the water

Title: Cigarette break on the water Dimensions 40″ x 20″ 2017, Oil on canvas The story: Life In Siberia Nova Chaplin is a small remote community on the far east of Siberia, where the only way to reach it, is either by boat, or to fly to Provideniya, and then drive up the only road out […]


Title: Maasai Dimensions 16” x 40” 2016, Oil on canvas The story: adumu The Maasai reside mainly in the south of Kenya and the north of Tanzania. The ones I have had the chance to encounter lived in a village about 3 hours south of Nairobi, Kenya. I was immediately fascinated upon meeting these people. […]

Hanging Salmon

Title: Hanging Salmon Dimensions 14” x 18” 2015, Oil on canvas The story: meet Francis Francis is an indigenous person who lives on the First Nations reserve community of Hagwilget, in central British Colombia, Canada. The story of Hagwilget is quite inspiring in that it has been occupied for thousands of years. The village was […]


Title: Bushman Dimensions 24” x 24” 2015, Oil on canvas The story: meet /un /unta /un /unta is a bushman (also called San people) at Nhoma Camp, in the Kalahari Desert of northeast Namibia. The bushman are indigenous to southern Africa, and because of the remote and desolate location, this community was one of the […]

Sam picking his vitamins

Title: Sam picking his vitamins Dimensions 10”x 12” 2009, Oil on canvas The story: meet sam I feel everyone has seen, at some point or another, a young kid jamming his tiny little fingers in his nose without any sense of shame. To the child, it seems as if his finger is supposed to go […]

Chuck Taylor(s)

Title: Chuck Taylor(s) Dimensions 68”x 28” 2009, Oil on canvas The story: meet chuck Chuck is now my husband, but at the time I started this painting we had only been dating for less than a year and living in Toronto. The setting takes place at his parents’ home in Tillsonburg, Ontario. His parents had […]

Lindsay’s tea habit

Title: Lindsay’s tea habit Dimensions 30”x 24” 2008, Oil on canvas The story: meet lindsay Lindsay is a close friend of mine whom I met in film school. Originally, I wanted to stage Lindsay reaching for a price tag on the collar of a new sweater… But, Lindsay’s head couldn’t turn far enough for what […]

A bi-weekly ritual

Title: A bi-weekly ritual Dimensions 20”x 24” 2008, Oil on canvas The story: meet caitlin Caitlin was my roommate for many years, my maid of honor at my wedding, and the best friend a person could ever wish for. And while she lived a very chaotic lifestyle for a while as a production designer for […]