A bi-weekly ritual


Title: A bi-weekly ritual

Dimensions 20”x 24”

2008, Oil on canvas

The story: meet caitlin

Caitlin was my roommate for many years, my maid of honor at my wedding, and the best friend a person could ever wish for. And while she lived a very chaotic lifestyle for a while as a production designer for film and television, she always knew how to savor the little moments of quiet and self-reflection between the fast paced bustles of her career at the time. While we lived together as roommates, her room was constantly in a state of flux and filled with elements from whatever project she was working on at the time. Her room could easily be filled with odd eclectic furniture which was to be used the next day in a particular scene for a movie, tree branches which were needed that afternoon, dirty dishes to make a kitchen look more ‘real’ and grungy, and buckets of paint for redoing the walls of a set with colours indicative of a character’s mood. And while this chaos seemed to continually surround her where she slept, she still managed to keep her little sanctuary by the one small window in her room. It was here that she could take a step away from the high intensity world of continual short deadlines and take a moment for herself and breathe.