Chuck Taylor(s)


Title: Chuck Taylor(s)

Dimensions 68”x 28”

2009, Oil on canvas

The story: meet chuck

Chuck is now my husband, but at the time I started this painting we had only been dating for less than a year and living in Toronto.

The setting takes place at his parents’ home in Tillsonburg, Ontario. His parents had lived on this property for all of Chuck’s life, which is what made the house so interesting. The house and yard were full of odds and ends collected over the decades. Unusual items had found their place on the porch, or set aside to be ‘cleaned up later’.

At the time, I was quite amused that Chuck Taylor shared the name of his favorite brand of shoes (Converse’s Chuck Taylors). He had a habit (and still does), of taking a VERY long time to put his shoes on. And while at his parents’ home, he always had the routine of sitting on the top step to stop and lace up his ‘Chucks’.

It turns out though that my timing in capturing this moment could not have been better. Shortly after finishing this painting his parents hit hard financial times and were forced to sell their home and move away. Chuck now sits in other places to spend the eternities lacing his ‘Chucks’, but no longer on the front step of the home he grew up in.