Gabrielle Labrie

Gabrielle Labrie

Title: Gabrielle Labrie

Dimensions 18” x 12”

2016, Oil on wood panel

The story: meet gabrielle labrie

I was named after both my grandmother and godmother: Gabrielle and Madeleine.

This is my maternal grandmother, Gabrielle Labrie, an incredible woman who lived up to 100 years old. Little did I know when I captured this moment at her home, that a few months later she would be moved out from her second floor apartment at 96 into a retirement home.

Gabrielle was a schoolteacher in my hometown of Pintendre Quebec, until she got married and could no longer continue her profession in those days. She had seven children with my mother being the youngest. She was a resourceful woman, and she kept her wits sharp by doing crossword puzzles each and every day. She was an incredible opponent at Scrabble and also a talented artist. In her century of living, she witnessed both World Wars, the first motorized car to ever come to Quebec City, the introduction of the laundry machine, and the blazing speed of advancements made in this age of technology. I am blessed that she kept her mind active through her daily puzzles, as she was able to recount in great detail these and many other incredible first-hand experiences of important moments, which are quickly fading into history books.