Lindsay’s tea habit


Title: Lindsay’s tea habit

Dimensions 30”x 24”

2008, Oil on canvas

The story: meet lindsay

Lindsay is a close friend of mine whom I met in film school. Originally, I wanted to stage Lindsay reaching for a price tag on the collar of a new sweater… But, Lindsay’s head couldn’t turn far enough for what I had envisioned and after taking multiple photos I realized it wasn’t right. Lindsay wasn’t a ‘shopping/passionate about fashion’ kind of girl anyway, and I realized I was projecting an idea that didn’t fit her. I guess I was just excited about the idea of starting the second portrait of this series, and was forgetting to take into account the “candid” feeling of a moment where the background and actions of the subject should be a reflection of who they are.

So after the failed photo shoot in her living room, Lindsay asked me if I wanted any tea. We went to the kitchen of her small Toronto apartment, and I sat at her table while she prepared it.

I should quickly note that Lindsay had a condition at birth that affected one of her arms. Skin had to be grafted onto her back, and the thumb on her right hand was removed and another finger was moved into place.

As we sat in the kitchen, I watched her squishing the tea bag with her little hand, as her body was enwrapped in one of the many large knitted sweaters she always wore. These sweaters often covered her shorter arm, and made it less apparent to people passing by. The small kitchen of her apartment was overbearing with flower wallpaper, a flower tablecloth, and plates mounted on the wall. Quite simply, her kitchen had the feng shui of an elderly woman, as opposed to the apartment of the two 24 year olds who lived there. It was sitting there that I had my eureka moment. This funny little habit of hers, in this uniquely decorated setting, was a perfect reflection of a true ‘Lindsay’ moment.